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shoutin out,its what i do

glad were ok again,still missing you like crazy but this weekend was really nice ^.^.hopefully we can be together again but if we cant thats ok too im just glad to have you in my life an part of my <3
.:My FencePost:.
*hugssss*I heart yOu!, never ending inside jokes, rockin concert experences, van adventures and our silly friends  oh my ^.^ cant wait for the basement chillen once again *woot
~my lover forever!
ps.i still wanna steel your dogy.
.:the Sean:.
your crazy fucker, when your not around the van is always quite O.o but maybe too gota fix my burner man!if ya ever want anyting pierced of gaged again,you know where to find me =)
glad were all cool again,you better help me with a job bitch!dont know about the skirt deal,gota behave lol,hope we can go sleding sucks i cant hurt you anymore :< damnit lol *hugs neways
.:lil sis Trish:.
my kickass lil alcohal drinkin buddy.topless ozzfest\o/
I love you Muah!oxox
"WardRB: lol, i dont care, use my name....itd be funny seeing psycho bitch freek out".that sure is a kickass sword she got you hey dont give up man youll find someone.Otep cant wait\o/
"everyone is dississapearin!"I love you!!" sorry wuat?""listen to it while you slumber hehe you did a great joooorrb there" Hes susspanic!!! hahah i love you so much an i miss you, we gota go back to chillen everyday i miss it.we always find the best boys dont we? ^.^
.:Scare Bear homies:.
I heart you guys!Brian you are the sweetst cutest pussy of them pong! Adam you crazy drunkin sexy thing you. I heart Mike you rock\o/,we gota chill soon. Jimy is so purdy ^.^,Curtis likes to shit his pants uh oh
greatest dude ever!cant wait for more shows an more aprt hangin,naked penis hehe, i promise they will be even more funner next time hah. keep on rockin satan \m/
you kickass!!!muah,when we hangin out?
very awesome voice,cant wait for more shows an hopfully for us to hangout this time. bitchin shoes^.^
i heart you
it sucks we'v kinda lost touch latly but you are still a kickass friend an we will chill again
I Sorry:<,i hope you can talk to me again an we can get our friendship back *hugs
how could i forget my lil stan^.^ stop rippin your pants man
I heart you most of all ^.^, you shall be my spechial friend forever,dans house always a big fun^.~.we are the best navagators ever!
ABNORMAL GROWTH!!Pink bunnys fucking Floalucking!!in the mother fuckin Meadow!!!
I heart my nickus!
Lost Placenta crew!! Deep dish? we fuckin Hate deep dish!!Shoe shoe said the rabbit ^.^ hehe "thats Baby! B-a-b-y for those of you that suck at spelling"
yey i mentioned you! we gota get you out more man,an get you out of that house *hugs, Happy early B-day
~ps-want your dogy too ^.^
this boy has the bigest puppy ever!!relaions?whaaat, when we gettin drunk? sorry but i cant have sex with you
.:Trapnote Shawn:.
well well well we metted again, cant wait for the next show \o/ you rock! Otep!!
if i forgot anyone,or if anyone wants to be added hit me up an tell me so bitch!
Hello,I love you.
Bye,I Hate you.






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"I want you to have a pair of my wet panties"-SB

Cracker Kat! (naw i ant obsessed O.o)